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  Private Copper FSK Serial Modems - Internal Modems for 2070 Controllers
  The GDI models 2070-6A & 2070-6B modems are designed to plug into the H1 slot of the 2070 controller and meet or exceed the March 2009 TEES from CALTRANS. These modems consist of two 1200 baud and two 9600 baud modems on one module. The GDI Smart Modem 2070-9 series modem is a combination of two modems on a single card that plugs directly into the Model 2070 modem slot.

 2070-6AInternal 1200 baud modemData Sheet 
 2070-6BInternal modem for 2070 ControllerData Sheet 
 2070-9Internal Modem for 2070 ControllerData Sheet 

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