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  Our mission is to provide the latest, high technology electronic products and systems for the traffic signal industry. We specialize in turnkey Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) central control upgrades. From field technicians to civil and traffic engineers, we provide quality equipment, expert counseling, and advanced level training to all transportation professionals. Let our video surveillance group demonstrate the advantages of IP-based full motion video over fiber, copper, or wireless modems.

“Western Pacific Signal has expanded our business expertise over the past 17 years into several new markets, including high-end communication infrastructure, adaptive signal control, and Homeland Security tools. Our core signal system upgrade focus continues strong, with the most cutting-edge high end GIS-based central office software available in the entire industry. Today we find ourselves building new communications infrastructures within existing municipal utilities. The process of transforming decades-old copper pair cable into high-speed Ethernet, which rivals fiber optic cable, is simply amazing. The ability to use this enhanced, affordable DSL technology to backhaul both streaming IP-Video and WiFi for local community “hot spots” over the existing traffic signal communications network is finally here. We’re excited about being a part of the biggest ITS technological revolution in history, and using these advancements to enhance safety in our local communities.”



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